Best Price Martha Stewart Crafts 2 oz Night Sky Glitter Paint, Blue Special

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Martha Stewart Crafts 2 oz Night Sky Glitter Paint, Blue

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If you want for top recommended a Paints Martha Stewart Crafts, then Martha Stewart Crafts 2 oz Night Sky Glitter Paint, Blue is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. And also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet. If you wish to know further of this products, just read its main features below. ( Check Price Now )

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  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Can be used on non-porous and porous surfaces
  • Non-toxic and water-based
  • Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in USA

PLAID-Martha Stewart Crafts: Glitter Acrylic Craft Paint. This high- performance; patented; premium acrylic paint is specially formulated for use on all surfaces. Its highly pigmented color provides superior coverage; perfect for all craft and hobby painting techniques; including brush painting; detailing; sponging; stenciling; stamping and printing. Glitter add sparkly; shimmery effects. UV and weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Self- priming for use on porous and non-porous surfaces. Dishwasher safe on glass. Non-toxic. Water-based. This package contains one 2 ounce bottle of paint. Available in a variety of colors: each sold separately. Made in the USA.

  • Item Height: 4
  • Item Width: 1.25
  • Item Depth: 1.25

    Title: Martha Stewart Crafts 2 oz Night Sky Glitter Paint, Blue
    Category: Paints
    Brand: Martha Stewart Crafts

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