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Lounge-Book Crystal White - laptop desk

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If you are looking for top recommended a Laptop Computer Stands Lounge-Tek srl 100% Made in Italy, then Lounge-Book Crystal White – laptop desk is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product. And also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet. If you wish to know further of this products, just read its main features below. ( Check Price Now )

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  • Fully adjustable laptop tray 360° rotation, 35° tilting, to find always an ergonomic postion of laptop
  • Metallic structure by powder coating adjustable in height. The legs require only 3 cm (1,2 Inchs) under chair, couch or bed)
  • Laptop tray, Mouse Pad and other components made in plastic materials. Color Gray.knobs Color Black
  • Total Weight of the Lounge-book 5kg (don’t require wheels to move). It support Laptops up to 17″ , max weight 3,0 kg.
  • Symmetric: you can hold an external mouse by the mousepad from left and right, simply rotating 180° the laptop try.

Lounge-book and Lounge-wood are the innovative supports for notebook that can be used at home or in public places in total comfort. A new experience of digital-life that makes easy the improvement of a higher level of freedom in everyday life, which is promoted by mobile technology. How Lounge-tek’s supports can change your life Stability and versatility of use are the characteristics that make the Lounge-tek unique. Designed for Notebook, Netbook, Ipad, Tablet and e-books, the Lounge-tek enable to use them in total relax sitting in most of the sofas, armchairs, chaise-longue and deckchairs in our houses. To use the computer in a natural way is comfortable and prevents health problems caused by bad posture. An incorrect position and a bad posture in the prolonged use of Notebook and Netbook can cause pain and physical problems. The Lounge-tek supports are designed to prevent these pathologies. For example, the comfortable Mouse Pad is positioned to rest your wrists without compromising the stability of the support. In this way, you can use an external mouse with the maximum comfort for arms, shoulder and back. The structure, keeping the computer in suspension, avoid the contact with legs and enable to maintain the spinal column in an ideal position, for example leaning against the back of the sofa.

Title: Lounge-Book Crystal White – laptop desk
Category: Laptop Computer Stands
Brand: Lounge-Tek srl 100% Made in Italy

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